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Hello there fantroll community! Due to some of the negativity I’ve seen around here, I decided to take the plunge and make a fantroll positivity blog to get some good vibes going (plus everyone has amazing trolls!!)

If you are a fantroll blog/ have fantrolls, feel free to reblog this so it’ll be easier to showcase your cuties! This blog is submission friendly if you have any suggestions c:

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did you know that the cast and crew of the movie Jaws became horrified at the results of their movie? fucking horrified at the mass hysteria they had caused

not only that, peter benchley regretted writing the original novel right up until his death, and spent his final years trying to raise awareness and reverse the impact jaws had on people’s perception of sharks, which his wife continues today

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The only thing less trustworthy then a bald man is a bald man who pretends to not be bald
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Hi I’m new to the fantroll community and I’m still sorting things out like sprites and bios and themes but I’m excited to start roleplaying.

Uh if other fantroll blogs could reblog this so I could follow you that be great. 


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» art thief yeah?


hey guys uh

someone is stealing my art on deviantart again <- that person

here are their reposts of my art;

1 and 2

here are my originals;

1 and 2

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yXu shXuld spend it Xn yXurself.

I rreellly shoulld but what do i do im so used to worrrking now~~

By the way plleashorre to meet you sirr, names Ozelia

It is a pleasure indeed.

My name is Thane.

What dX yXu like tX dX?

Plleashorre to meet you Thane~!

but i uh i dunno..used to swim orr cook or hang out with my mate but i think he’s busy with his rraill, shoulld trry and get a holld of him sea if he’s frree~

But yeah i dont do allot rreellly~

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» One Last Ovation For Mr. Robin Williams


You made us laugh, you made us cry, you taught us that laughter can be the best medicine, you made us think, and reflect about the possibilities of what dreams may come.

Thank you


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