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Consider the following:


  • drops the n-word for no reason
  • responded to someone asking him politely to not use the word “retarded” by flaming them and throwing a twitter tantrum
  • uses the “not ALL men” argument
  • compares feminists and people who disagree with him to fascists and white supremacists
  • generally a shitdick
  • massive ego
  • plays weird games and relies on the game’s content to be funny


  • donates to charity with his youtube money
  • hilariously bizarre
  • makes a point to thank his fans and answer their questions every so often
  • allows anyone/everyone to use his audio and videos
  • greatest voice ever
  • also plays weird games AND other stuff, still manages to be funny even if the game is bland
  • mysterious cool guy

Switch to cr1tikal today! Where you’re appreciated and respected, no matter what kind of fan you are!

or markiplier

or cryaotic

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URGENT UPDATE: Please help spread the word about this. There was some miscommunication regarding tomorrow’s panel and unfortunately you DO need a badge to get in both the panel at 1pm and signing session at 2:30pm.

HOWEVER: If you came from afar to see me I will do everything humanly possible to make sure you get to meet me. So after I finish up with the panel and signing session, I will be meeting up with ANYONE in McGraw Square at ~5:00pm (5th and Olive Way approx 3 blocks from convention center)

I’m very sorry about the misinformation but let me be clear, I will stay in the square all damn day if it means that everyone gets to see me. I feel terrible for this error and I’m so sorry if I caused anyone trouble but I swear I will not leave that space so long as one more person wants to meet me.


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i can’t post this to my facebook otherwise my family will wise up to what im doing and get super upset with me and say a bunch of unnecessary things and behave on their impulses to control me, so I’m hoping if you guys could please just signal boost this I would be so so grateful.

i do plan on telling them but not until we have everything secure and settled. thank you for your consideration!

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there are so many cool trolls and people on my dash right now

and i wanna talk to all of them

but hnnng

im a potato 

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» if I was a monsterboy/monstergirl/monsterperson, what kind do you think I would be?

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